Why beeswax wraps and how to make them?

Well, simply put, Beeswax wrap is a food wrap consisting of a fabric (in this instance we have used 100% cotton) coated.

A Beeswax wrap is made by infusing cotton with a certain mixture of food-grade beeswax, rosin, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Once made, the wrap is mouldable and can be shaped around containers or food products. Beeswax wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to plastics, cling films and other products which aren’t as friendly to the environment or reusable/ recyclable.


Make Beeswax Wraps at Home!

The block of beeswax included in the HoneyBee Bombs set, is blended with just the right amount of ingredients. The wax solution covers enough for 10 x 10 inch fabric that comes with your purchase…or use your own fabric of you prefer.

It's also a fun DIY kids craft that can be easily made in under an hour!


1. First, set your iron to a low to medium setting

2. Place baking paper or re-usable silicon mat on the ironing board

3. Place fabric on to baking paper/silicon mat and sprinkle wax onto fabric - less is more

4. Place another baking paper/silicon mat on top of fabric and wax

5. Iron the top of the baking paper/silicon mat to melt wax all over the fabric (be careful not to allow the wax to ooze out of the baking paper/silicon mat as this will ruin your ironing board)

6. Using a basting brush, brush the wax over the edges to make a clean corner finish

7. Carefully lift the wax wrap off the baking paper/silicon mat and hang on string or hold it up for 30 seconds.