What are seedbombs?

"What are HoneyBee's seedbombs"?, is a question that comes up all the time when I tell people what it is that we do. Secondly, they ask if they blow up your garden. Well, “yes” I reply, “but probably not in the way you expect”. HoneyBee Bombs are definitely not an incendiary of any kind but they do make a lovely floral explosion in your garden that the bees and butterflies will be very appreciative of.

You see,” I continue, “A seedbombs are balls of clay, compost and 100% wildflower seeds made up specifically for Bees”.

Why such a combination?’ you may be thinking. Well, the finest select compost and clay act as a carrier for the seeds so they can be launched just about anywhere. Throw them over your garden, walls, fences and into any inaccessible area such as wasteland or railways.

Well, you can do that with seeds alone cant you? What most don’t realise (and I was one of those in the beginning) is that most seeds are very light and there is risk of them being blown away by the wind, making them unsuitable for launching long distances, setting in the place you want them to or growing in difficult to grow areas.

So, if you're in the mood and want to spread some love this year, get yourself some Honeybee Bombs and bring back the bees!!