Do bee bombs work?

Short answer: Yes, they do.

Longer answer: Yes, theeey doooooo. (Sorry).

Ok, sorry, the long answer is this:

The hands-on activity of moulding soil, clay, seeds and water into seed balls has been long been hailed as an effective way to plant wildflowers in urbanised areas. The physical act of throwing seed balls is often referred to as guerrilla gardening since you can plant flowers or edibles on property not rightfully yours. Seed ball making has also become increasingly popular as an activity at conservation and environmental events in recent years. It is also a great educational tool to educate children on the environment as children of all ages love to get their hands dirty.

Gardening is as much an art as it is a science and there are a range of factors that are not as predictable as we would all like. Some of the main reasons bee bombs might not work as well would be:

  • They are planted at the wrong time of the year. Well-meaning gardeners plant it in the spring assuming it will sprout. However, milkweed needs several months of cold, wet weather before it will germinate. Our bee bombs have a range of various seasonal wildflower seeds, to encourage growth throughout the year. We provide a small info-graph with each purchase on the best time to sow.
  • They are planted too deep. Seed balls should be pressed halfway into the soil so that they can get plenty of sun and moisture. You can throw them and grow them as described, but to remove any variables that might get in the way, plant them a little in the soil.
    They are planted in the wrong location. Sometimes they are planted in the wrong climate or in the wrong landscape position. It is important to know what plants are native to your region and where they like to grow. Honeybee bomb’s bee bombs use RHS recommended wildflower seeds which are native to the UK environment.
  • The seed balls are over-compressed and do not break down. Seed balls should disintegrate, allowing the seed to contact surrounding soil. If not, the seedlings cannot break free from the seed ball and will die. We hand roll our bee bombs with the right amount of pressure, so they are not small balls of stone instead of bee bombs. We also test our own product ourselves.
  • The seeds were placed inside of the seed ball. Many seeds require sunlight to germinate and if they are placed on the inside of the seed ball, they will not grow. Our bee bombs are of the right consistency to break down naturally, releasing the seeds inside.
  • Competition: Wildflowers do not like competition and a bed that is ripe for sowing. As such, make sure there are no weeds or grass where you intend the wildflowers to grow and the soil has been turned.

Take these into consideration when looking to grow your very own wildflower garden and your chances of success will grow.